The Full Text of the Book Beyond Death is Free

When you yourself have a family member who has recently passed away, or if you’re going through a death-related crisis yourself, the entire text of the book Beyond Death is free might be just what you need to maximize of the life-changing experience. The book will give you insights from the Bible and from others who’ve walked this road, and it will help you put matters into perspective, gain strength to maneuver forward, and find comfort in God’s love for you.

The afterlife is really a controversial topic, but this book seeks to explore its many facets from a psychologist’s point of view. Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, one of the world’s leading experts on death and grief, shares her research and applying for grants what it way to be alive after dying. متن کامل کتاب آنسوی مرگ رایگان

For over 25 years, hypnotist Michael Newton has gathered stories of individuals who have experienced the afterlife through a procedure called “recarnation.” By using a specialized technique, he’s extracted the travel logs of 29 clients who died while under his care.

This is a fascinating collection of experiences from the afterlife, and he explains precisely how these individuals experienced it, including traveling among stars and likely to places on Earth. The afterlife is also a location where people can connect to their departed loved ones.

This nonfiction work tells the story of Colton Burpo, a boy who left his body during an emergency surgery and then returned. After his parents discovered his story, these were stunned to learn that he’d actually visited heaven.

In Leaving Time, Alice Metcalf has trouble accepting that her mother died 10 years ago and is now in a mystical place called “Elsewhere.” She pores over her mother’s journals and searches for clues to her whereabouts.

Another interesting book that centers on the afterlife is Journey of Souls. This book combines personal stories of individuals who have experienced the afterlife with theories of what goes on after we die, depicted through tales of past-life regression.

In this book, renowned neurosurgeon Eben Alexander explores how his own near-death experience changed just how he thinks about death and dying. The knowledge he’d when he went along to the hospital after an incident gave him an insight into what goes on after we die, and he is set to fairly share it with the world.

Inspite of the scientific skepticism of some, NDEs are real; they think like you’re in circumstances of mind, and scientists have now been struggling to prove them through science.

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